Microalgae biodiesel thesis

Technology and knowledge transfer to the primary sector. Innovative solutions that improve profitability and sustainability of the primary sector and the agro. Conference networking the water hub. A research and innovation centre. Will form the setting for the first and, possibly, most exciting networking event yet. Scenedesmus is a genus of green algae, in the class chlorophyceae. They are colonial and non.
Download the scribd app for the best mobile reading experience. Professor, centre for marine bioproducts development. Prof wei zhang, a biochemical engineer since. Has strong research and teaching expertise in bioprocess engineering, marine bioproducts engineering, and industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology including, marine bioprocessing, molecular and integrated bioprocessing, microalgal. The oxidative stability of biodiesel and its impact on the deterioration of metallic and polymeric materials.
Algaculture is a form of aquaculture involving the farming of species of algae. The majority of algae that are intentionally cultivated fall into the category of microalgae. Also referred to as phytoplankton, microphytes, or planktonic algae. Table 2 shows that although the oil contents are similar between seed plants and microalgae there are significant variations in the overall biomass productivity and resulting oil yield and biodiesel productivity with a clear advantage for microalgae. Biodiesel has become more attractive recently because of its environmental benefits and the fact that it is made from renewable resources. The cost of biodiesel, however, is the main hurdle to commercialization of the product.
Open phd position on removal of pollutants by photosynthetic microorganisms and their biomass valorization for biofuel production. Based biofuels and bioproducts. About the gcu research. The office of research, innovation and commercialization. Is an initiative of the higher education commission.