Essay on how to protect ozone layer

The ozone layer is one of the most important source of protection that exists on earth. It is a region of the stratosphere containing a high concentration of ozone, and it prevents a great amount of ultraviolet and other high. Energy radiation from penetrating to the earth. This commemoration around the world offers an opportunity to focus attention and action at the global, regional and national levels on the protection of the ozone layer. The stratospheric ozone layer the ozone layer lies in the stratosphere, in the upper level of our atmosphere. The ozone in it is spread very sparsely. In fact, if you could squish the ozone layer to the same air pressure we have at sea level, it would be only about as thick as the sole of your shoe.
The environmental protection agency in its studies in. Reduction is necessary to prevent the cfc levels in the stratosphere. What are the main causes of ozone depletion. Essay on the effects of ozone layer depletion and its remedial measures. How cfcs are responsible for the ozone layer depletion. What are the causes and harmful effects of. Case study of environmental conservation of ozone in hong kong the ozone layer present in the stratosphere of the earth is utmost important to. Essay on ozone layer depletion and protection what is ozone layer. Ozone is a triatomic form of the oxygen gas. It is the lower level of stratosphere.
We should take action to protect our ozone layer. We have to ban the use of cfcs products. United state have already signed a treaty to phase out cfc production, known as the montreal protocol. Besides, we should always unplug or switch off electronic instruments when they are not in use. We can plant trees as they absorb the uv rays and try to use products which are labeled. In conclusion, we should start now to care for and save our earth. Due to depletion of ozone layer, the earth is exposed to the ultra. These rays cause harmful effect to living beings on the earth. It affects process of photosynthesis in plants. Rise in the temperature, various skin diseases, decrease of immunity etc are the probable results. For the protection of ozone layer, vienna conference in march, was held. Montreal protocol was signed. This was followed by the kyoto protocol of. Talk to your friends about how they can protect the ozone layer. Shrinking the hole in the ozone layer will take all of us working together. Encourage your friends to drive less, eat less meat, buy local, and to properly dispose of old fire extinguishers or cooling appliances containing ozone depleting substances.